This is no ordinary purveyor of hot dogs in Sydney. The Hot Dog Man interrupt your usual bland sausage nightmares with some proper free range meat, soft, secret recipe bread rolls and homemade toppings that you never thought would grace your hot dog, but now you can't live without them. A sumptuous lunch-to-go that's all parts pleasure and no parts guilty.  

But its not all about the dogs, It's authentic street food influenced from all around the globe, Sweden, Argentina, Spain, the list is long!  You can also choose one of there epic hamburgers or take the roll option, where the choices include slow cooked lamb and pork belly. 

If you want to enjoy their sausages, hotdogs or meats at home have a look at the BBQ and Dinner Packs. 

Here's to a new generation of dogs, dawg.

Honest Sausages 

  • Made by hand
  • Freshly made
  • No fillers, additives, antibiotics or hormones
  • Premium Quality
  • Grass fed meats
  • Natural casings
  • Gluten free