Matt, the lucky winner of our Gourmet Hotdog BBQ pack! This pack will guarantee you BBQ king status. Order in store or via menulog.

Pack includes:

3 x Spanish Chorizo

3 x Argentinian Chorizo

3 x Pork & Fennel Bratwurst

3 x Wagyu Beef

3 x Cheese Kransky

15 x Secret recipe hand made rolls

We hope that Matt will enjoy the selection of home made condiments such as Swedish Beetroot Mayo, Truffle Mayo, Confit Garlic Aioli, ChimiChurri, Prawn Mayo, Chipotle Mayo, Crispy Onions, Gherkin Relish and more! 

Grab this pack in store or pre order via menulog. $85 and you will be as happy as Matt... guaranteed!