Yep, The HOT DOG MAN is 50% Swedish and it has come to the stage where we can no longer keep this Swedish Classic Beauty away from you! 

In Sweden, back in the day you ordered either sausage in bread or sausage & mash. The year was 1942 and two footballs players Conny & Päsa visited Morgan Johansson's hot dog stand in Gothenburg Sweden. They asked to have a sausage in bread topped off with mash potato. A week later they came back and asked for another one of those specials.  A classic was born!

We have topped this off with a house made  "Boston Gherkin Relish" that was invented in Sweden 1951 by a Swede naming it after Boston in the country where he got his idea, USA.  So from mid 1900's  the Swedes added on Boston Gherkin Relish to their hotdogs. 

Now comes the most delicious and probably most surprising topping to a hotdog...

...Swedish Shrimp Salad!

All Swedes know what this is and we all love it but honestly we have no idea why its called Shrimp Salad, the basics in this product is shrimps, mayonnaise, tomato sauce and seasoning. You normally buy this in a jar and I have to say it's not an authentic premium product. But there is extravagant versions of this. 

The delicious Skagenröra was invented by the legendary Chef Tore Wretman 1950. He mixed, shrimps, dill, mayonnaise, onion, lemon, and sometimes fish roe. So we thought we should follow Tore's footsteps using fresh Australian prawns in our creation. Having made Skagenröra through out my life the real challenge here is what to name this awesome hotdog topping? Prawn salad, prawn mess, prawn....?? Well, so far we feel most comfortable to introduce this  topping to the Aussies as Prawn Mayo! 

Serve it all in a secret recipe, authentic hand made, soft roll with a bit of crunchy roasted onions on top. This Swedish Beauty will blow you away!