The Hot Dog Man opened its doors for the very first time @ 3pm on the 24th September 2014 – wow! Time flies! It’s been 413 days already.

Yes, we are counting! We are still as stoked now as we were on the first day that The Hot Dog Man opened its doors! Since then, a lot has changed as we keep trying to bring you the best hot dog possible each and every day, but there are also a lot of things that we did on Day 1 that we still do today, and those are the things that define us and that we want to keep bringing to you!

One of the first questions we are asked is "Why Hot Dogs?" The easy answer is because they are just so bloody good! If you have any international travel under your belt, it’s likely you would have had one somewhere, and fingers crossed you remember it for all the right reasons.

But the real reason we chose to bring these incredible hot dogs to Manly was a desire to recreate the experience from our time back in Sweden around 10 years ago. We were working fine dining and putting in super long hours – somethings haven't changed, and some have. 

In Sweden, and in many other countries you will find a Hot Dog Man in every street corner. We were working with some of the best in the industry in one of Sweden’s best known seaside restaurants. The days were like any other day in hospitality, working long hours with minimal breaks but we all looked forward to putting our hands on a delicious hot dog: standing on the street, chatting with our colleagues. That camaraderie, going through the events of the day, and that hot dog: so easy to eat and so amazingly good…

So many years later after eating ridiculously large amounts of hot dogs, and so many years sampling street food all over the world, we opened the doors to our first The HOT DOG MAN joint in Manly. This isn't your ordinary hotdog joint.

We are so happy you have been part of this journey! Stay on board with us! It’s day 413 and we are digging even further into the world of sausages and meats to bring you some amazing food.

We will share our secrets and dreams with you. We survived our first year of blood, sweat and tears, amongst many laughs and our love of sausages and meat, so stay with us and become a member of The Hot Dog Cult, on!