Gourmet Sausages, Burgers & More Meats

This is no ordinary purveyor of streetfood in Sydney. The Hot Dog Man interrupt your usual bland sausage nightmares with some proper meats and secret recipe bread and toppings that you never thought would grace your hot dog, but now you can't live without them. A sumptuous meal or late night snack that's all parts pleasure and no parts guilty. 

This is real authentic street food influenced from all around the globe, Argentina, Spain, Sweden and Vietnam just to mention a few. All sausages is especially hand made for The Hot Dog Man by charcetieurs knowing their thing, would you buy a Bratwurst made by a French man?

-No, didn't think so either! There fore we have sourced the best and let them to what they do best. Combine that with some soft, secret recipe bread, made by hand every morning and home made toppings & sauces.

Apart from gourmet sausages there is premium quality burgers, minced and hand rolled every morning, our Mr, Cheesey is always topping the list followed by some slow cooked meats as pork belly with a killer crackling that is a must try. 

Here's to a new generation of dogs, dawg, burgers and more meat.

About Us

The take out or eat in Restaurant, is the brainchild of Swedish expat Linn Wayne and her Australian husband, Andy. The pair returned to Australia after 10 years of living in Europe  where they observed the gourmet hotdog trend gaining momentum.

With a background of running fine dining restaurants and working in Michelin star restaurants they are loving the opportunity of taking real authentic street food to the Australians. Simply said The Hot Dog Man is a family business run by two sausage lovers!



The Hot Dog Man

3o The Corso
Manly, Sydney, Australia


(02) 9977 3330