Gourmet Sausages Served In Soft, Secret Recipe Rolls, Burgers & More Meats

The Hot Dog Man invites every man and his dog to shimmy on down to their sausage house!

Proud procurers of the hottest dogs on the planet with culinary creations sourced from all four corners of the globe. You can choose from  suavely dressed sizzling sausages, sitting snugly on super-soft, secret recipe rolls.

There’s traditional European favourites such as the German Pork & Fennel Bratwurst, Asian inspired Wagyu Beef, the best- selling Spanish Chorizo, as well as delicacies from Argentina, the good ol’ US of A, and (not to be outshone by the foreign raiders) an Aussie dog with the lot. 

Apart from a sizzling soiree of gourmet dogs there is premium quality  black angus beef burgers on the menu as well as the famous slow cooked pork belly Banh Mi with a cracker of a crackling. 

"Gourmet sausages served in soft rolls is the new black, -Introducing real street food to the multicultural Australia is a life long dream. There is a hotdog story close to everyones heart" 

-The Hot Dog Man



The Hot Dog Man

30 The Corso
Manly, Sydney, Australia


(02) 9977 3330